NEWS: “Loose, Wet, Perforated” Reviewed in Opera News

Joe Cadagin of Opera News reviews Guerilla Opera's studio album of "Loose, Wet, Perforated" by Nicholas Vines, released on Navona Records October 2017.

He writes: “Soprano Aliana de la Guardia struts her stuff as the wanton Loose. She has a trashy moment of vulnerability when her character performs a striptease, rubbing her "bits" against a greased-up pole while she sings of unresolved daddy issues. De la Guardia's performance conjures an atmosphere of pathetic trailer-park depravity; accompanied by murky, moaning winds, she slides lewdly between pitches, reaching higher and higher into her piercing upper register as she laments her shameful impulse to 'climb fast and loose.'"

Read the full review here (*pdf).