VIDEO: "Canción (para mi niño)" by Orlando Jacinto García

I performed Canción (para mi niño) by Orlando Jacinto García as a part of my Dirty Paloma program called "Spanish Johnny," which is a musical portrait of an old-time desperado and the ill-fated woman who fell in love with the outlaw using songs and lyrics from traditional American ballads and folk songs translated into spanish by Alina Betancourt, and additional music for solo voice by David Lang.

Recorded, filmed and edited by Scott Quade. Recorded from live performance at Boston Sculptors Gallery, Boston, MA during the Boston New Music Festival, September 29, 2017. Subscribe to my Live Performances playlist on YouTube.

Canción (para mi niño) (Song (for my child)) written in the summer of 1990 as composer Orlando Jacinto García and his wife were expecting their first child subsequently born in October of that same year. Written for female voice and intended as an abstract lullaby it was premiered by soprano Martha Herr in Brazil later that season.